Uncertainty Quantification

Precision Materials Indices: Materials Selection with Statistically Rigorous Reliability Analysis

How should engineers select materials when there is uncertainty in the material properties?

When are Allowables Conservative?

Allowables are used to size safety-critical aircraft structures, but when are they conservative?

Assessing the Frontier

Naive model metrics can be misleading when using AI for materials discovery. I introduced techniques to better assess a model's suitability for guiding materials development.

Towards Data-Capable Engineers

Understanding Engineers' Reasoning Under Uncertainty

Grama --- A Grammar of Model Analysis

Developing user-focused software for model analysis under uncertainty

Materials Informatics

Accelerating materials development with data science


Peforming model analysis under uncertainty is uncommon and challenging. I developed Grama to make uncertainty quantification easier to teach and to communicate.

Data-Driven Dimensional Analysis

High-dimensional simulation data can be difficult to analyze. In this work I merged physical insights with data-driven techniques to perform *data-driven dimensional analysis*.

Margin in Beta

Present aircraft sizing criteria can be inefficient or unsafe. In this work I develop provably conservative alternatives.